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Who We Are

Culture & Heritage Alliance (CHA) serves as a network of resources to bring indigenous artists together to work with communities and educational institutions to promote the works of emerging artists while fostering cultural diversity and education through the use of cultural performances, exhibitions, storytelling, and presentations to various groups.

Our mission is to become a vital network to promote the works of emerging artists while fostering cultural diversity and education for the promotion of peace.

Isabella Effon is the Founder and Executive Director
of the Culture and Heritage Alliance.

The Culture & Heritage Alliance has been given the Gold Seal of Transparency by Guidestar, an organization committed to revolutionizing philanthropy by providing information that enables users to make better decisions and encourages charitable giving.  Click the picture to see our record.

About The Alliance

Working Together Toward a Common Goal

There is so much we can accomplish in the world when we work together. But it all starts with recognizing the value of all people. Until we do that, there will continue to be conflict and despair, especially for those who need our love and kindness the most.

The Alliance is dedicated to peace. We believe in the promise of humanity and the need for a common good. Not a greater good but a common good that is afforded to all. Where inclusivity, dignity, and respect are shared freely among all people.

Our Purpose

  • To nurture, maintain, strengthen, empower, promote and propagate the ancient language, culture, heritage, music, dance, drama, movies, and literature of indigenous peoples.
  • To organize social, cultural and heritage events that foster cooperation, understanding, and unity amongst people of all ethnic backgrounds.
  • To use dance performances, cultural exhibitions programs that help preserve ethnic, cultural, linguistic, heritage and traditions of indigenous peoples
  • To establish active networks with other organizations and institutions with similar interest that facilitates the exchange of cultural heritage ideas to benefit the youth, elderly, immigrants, ethnic groups, neighborhoods, towns, cities and educational institutions in North Carolina
  • To offer creative programs and encourage Veterans to use their gifts and talents to cope with disabilities and difficulties in life and transform lives and help develop the talents and gifts of our local Veterans and families through the Arts.


Will you donate a book to a library in Ghana?

Please bring new or gently used books for children and young adult readers to the Festival.

Ghana library

Our Partners

Loving Hands International

Loving Hands International

Our mission is to end human suffering and reduce the impact of poverty by helping people in need become independent.

Loving Hands International envisions a world in which vulnerable populations have access to housing, health care, and community inclusion.  Learn More

Art's Council Logo

The Arts Council

The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County (North Carolina) serves as a link between artists, arts and cultural organizations, and the community, the Arts Council administers programs in partnership with a variety of local agencies to stimulate community development through the arts.
Learn More

About The Festival

This is the 6th Annual African World Peace Festival. We're excited to be back after 2 years of COVID restrictions. The Festival is run by the Culture and Heritage Alliance, a nonprofit 501 C (3) organization,

Learn more about our mission and the organizations the Festival supports.

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What's Free?

Festival Admission
All activities in the Kid's Zone
Music on the Main Stage
African Drumming Performances
Healthcare Screenings

What's Not Free?

Food & Beverages
Festival T-shirts (on sale)
Vendor products
Race Participation


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